Payment Information

Paying your membership fee

by Wire transfer

Make a payment order using the following bank information:

Account holder: ICORD
Bank name: Danske Bank
Branch office address: Fleminggatan 20, SE-102 24 Stockholm, Sweden
Head office address: Norrmalmstorg 1, SE-103 92 Stockholm, Sweden
Account number: 1345-01-33705 (1345 is the clearing number)
IBAN Account number: SE8312000000013450133705

by Credit card (the service is not available currently)

To online payment: Credit Card payment
We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

If you are not yet a member, please send in your membership application, see the membership page. If you are already a member, please tick the Membership box in the online payment page.

(Should you experience problems with your credit card payment, please consult your bank and/or the ICORD secretariat, Credit card service is pending because of migration of the secretariat to Spain)

by Bankgiro

Payments within Sweden can also be made to Bankgiro 280-3278.